Field Trips


Five Conference field trips are planned to be organized: two (one-day) pre-Conference field trips (FT2, FT4), two (two-day) post-Conference field trips (FT1, FT3) and one (three-day) post-Conference field trip (FT5). The participation in the field trips will be a special occasion to know the geology, history and culture heritage of Albania. The field trip guide books will be available in early summer, 2014. Delegates who are interested to participate in one of the proposed field trips, have to download the Form-D-Field Trip Reservation (, fill it, sign, scan and send via e-mail to The deadline for field trip reservation is 31 July, 2014.


Field trip registration fee includes:

Transportation, accommodation/hotel (breakfast included), snack, dinner, Field Trip Guidebook.


Field Trip Abstract FT1

Field Trip Abstract FT2

Field Trip Abstract FT3

Field Trip Abstract FT4

Field Trip Abstract FT5


Field Trip Description Rate Single Rate Double
FT1 A geological transect through the northern Albanian ophiolites: stratigraphy, structure and metallogeny. (27-28/09/14)

€ 120 € 100
FT2 The radiolaritic Kcira-Komani-Porav subophiolithic Hallstatt Mélange in the Mirdita Zone of northern Albania. (23/09/14)

€ 60 € 45
FT3 Geodynamic Evolution, Petroleum Geology, Potential Source Rocks, Reservoirs, Seals Carbonate Sedimentary Systems In Ionian, Sazani Zones and Pre-Adriatic. (27-28/09/14)

€ 170 € 140
FT4 Tectonic relationships between Ionian and Sazani zones, Vlora Region, Albania (one day pre-Conference field trip) (23/09/14)

€ 60 € 45
FT5 The South Albanian Ophiolites. (27-29/09/14)

€ 190 € 160